The 11/9 Coalition condemns in the strongest terms the actions of white supremacists in Charlottesville over the weekend. We oppose President Trump’s downplaying of these events when he placed blame on “many sides,” and we urge him to speak out against those who murdered a woman and led to the death of two policemen. Protecting freedom of speech requires protecting the physical safety of those who exercise it. Protecting freedom of speech and ensuring a robust marketplace of ideas also requires citizens to speak up in the condemnation of hatred and bigotry. The violence in Charlottesville was tragic and heartbreaking. The views expressed by the white nationalists are antithetical to American values and, while each person has a right to his or her opinion, that right does not extend to invoking or using violence to quell the speech of others. We stand with the counter-protesters in Charlottesville who bravely resisted an angry mob, and we ask that President Trump and all other political actors do so as well.