The 11/9 Coalition is deeply disturbed by the news that the Department of Justice has obtained a warrant requiring a web-hosting provider to hand over records relating to the website, which was instrumental in organizing protests of the Trump inauguration. The warrant comes as part of an investigation of the incidents of vandalism that occurred on Inauguration Day, for which 214 people are currently under indictment for felony rioting and related charges. While we support the prosecution of all criminal acts of violence regardless of political context, the warrant in this case represents a dramatic infringement of the privacy rights of up to 1.3 million people beyond the defendants. The Fourth Amendment requires that a warrant state with particularity the persons or things to be seized by the government. In this case, the warrant requires the provider, Dreamhost, to hand over all records related to disruptj20,org, including user IP addresses, contact information, emails, and photos, without any limitation to specific users or accounts. It would be as though the state could show probable cause that ten persons had committed an offense and on that basis obtained a warrant to search every other person in the football stadium where they were watching a game. Beyond these Fourth Amendment concerns, the fact that this warrant, by its very nature, targets organized Trump opponents also implicates the First Amendment, insofar as it chills the exercise of the right to freedom of association. We therefore applaud the efforts of Dreamhost to resist compliance with this warrant.