Our Mission

The 11/9 Coalition is a nationwide, non-partisan, grassroots organization working for the protection of civil liberties and the rule of law. The 11/9 Coalition was founded by concerned US citizens on 11/9/16, the day after the presidential election of 2016. It is dedicated to holding public servants, including elected officials, to their obligations to preserve and defend the Constitution, without regard to their political affiliation.The 11/9 Coalition seeks to educate the public about the constitutional obligations of all three branches of government. Its goals are to

1) create an extensive network to which individuals can turn if their civil liberties are threatened;

2) provide a publication platform for reporting about and analyzing civil liberties violations; and

3) offer a forum for discussion and education around civil liberties.

The 11/9 Coalition stands at the ready to employ, in line with these values, both advocacy and legal action. It provides a base for members to analyze and discuss the legal implications of policy proposals. Members, in turn, may assist and advise courts, lawyers, and policymakers on matters affecting civil liberties.